DO NOT BUY from 42nd Street Photo in New York!!

This place should be shutdown for their bait & switch, high pressure dishonest sales persons & tactics.

Told me my camera I was purchasing required special extended life batteries, which I didn’t think was right  but deferred to them thinking they knew more about it than I.  I agreed and he (Jack) told me I they were 1900 mah, then named a brand that wasn’t Nikon.  I told him I didn’t want any aftermarket batteries.  He then tried to sell me a memory card for $400, I refused and he finally came down to $199, whihc was inline with other dealers so I said yes.

He tried to sell me a bunch of other crap to which I all refused.  He said he would rush the order, took a week to get here.

When I opened the box the camera box and the battery grip box looked like they had never been packed, maybe rolled around in a truck for a month or more.  Nothing was damaged and all worked well.

The 2 batteries they charged me $260 for were regular Nikon 1500 mah that can be purchased anywhere for $60 give or take a few dollars.

I called back & left messages for Jack who never returned the call.  The next day I called back to his extension, someone answered that sounded like Jack but denied it was him.  He told me that Jack would have never said those things and I should send him a money order for $45 for restocking.  I told him you didn’t ship the batteries that you quoted over the phone so there should be no fees.  Send me those batteries and I’ll chalk it up as my fault for trusting these thieves.  He said no way so I told him I would cal AMEX for a dispute and he said he wasn’t going to let me argue with him and then hung up.


Search for their reviews on Google & you’ll be amazed how they are still in business.  New York BBB gives them a F on their business practices!

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One thought on “DO NOT BUY from 42nd Street Photo in New York!!

  1. Kudos to the Better Business Bureau of New York, I filed a complaint with them regarding this transaction. The BBB promptly fired off a letter to the company & to my surprise 42nd Street Photo responded offering me a refund.

    I accepted the refund offer even though I’m very unhappy with the way these guys do business & I have an extra battery that I don’t need.

    Had I not complained to the BBB & AMEX these guys would have been $260.00 richer. I guess that’s how they make their profit, offer low prices & then upsell on needless & overpriced accessories.


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