NASA SHUTTLE Program & Placement of the retired Space Shuttles.

Shared from Matt Gillilan who is the husband of Janelle Onizuka & a good friend of mine.

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Once again the City of Houston, NASA and the entire Clear Lake area stand at the cross roads of history. To the victors go the spoils. That is the first thing that comes to my mind with this historic event. With that I feel it important to say the following.
Today we received a model aircraft. While the model looks like a space shuttle it is still a model. It was constructed for the purpose of showing visitors at Kennedy Space Center what a shuttle looks like. It is not nor will it ever be a Shuttle. The ending of the Shuttle Program took many things with it. Most of my life I watched the Shuttle. I saw men and women, family and friends work countless hours in support of its mission. I also worked to support the program in my profession for a number of years. I saw my Father put everything he had into that program and NASA. All of this I saw from the Clear Lake area. I watched my Father leave this earth from Kennedy Space Center for the last time on January 28, 1986. Not only did I feel the pain as did most of the Nation but I saw a community in tears upon my return to Clear Lake. We healed, but the scars remained. The bad memories were kept at bay and the good ones kept us going. The idea of continued exploration kept the community going. Dedication kept NASA and her people pressing forward.
The pain returned for a second time as we all watched the return of Columbia. The community came together and worked on getting the vehicle and her Crew home. We cried again. We struggled again. Together the community fought through the tears and pain to proceed. We rose from the carnage and continued forward. Forward to the betterment of man. To honor the memory of our lost loved ones. We the Clear Lake population came together and moved NASA in a positive direction.
How does this equate to the quote “To the victors go the spoils”. Clear Lake, Houston, NASA and Texas received a model. I was told by the media and several other sources that the decision to place the retired shuttles at their final locations was not political. I was further told that the decision was based on availability to the masses. They wanted a place that more people could visit. Well I tell you this. I am not blind. I see clearly the politics involved with this move. I also know that the Visitor Center at JSC is full of tourists on a regular basis. I see the trams full of people all year round. In the cold, heat and rain the trams are full of visitors. I know that for the people in the middle of the country you have to travel now to the east or west coast in order to see a Space Shuttle. You can come to Houston and look at a replica but you cannot see a real one. I also know that almost all items from JSC associated with training for the missions have been removed and shipped off to other locations. This folks is a slap in the face to the population of Texas but more especially to the men and women of JSC. The children who grew up around JSC and watched their parents pour their souls into the program. The world and the rest of the country only watched when major discovery or tragedy happened. We watched all the time. We grew with NASA and molded our communities around NASA. The same occurred at Kennedy and around her community. We have three shuttles. One at Kennedy which I completely agree with and support. One should have come to Houston and the third to a state on the west coast. They chose California. This in my mind would make them available for the largest number of people to see them. I would rather have the trainers that were housed in building 9 instead of a model. The trainers were actually used in the program. One might say that it is not my decision to make and that I speak from a selfish point of view. They are entitled to their opinion as I am to mine. I see the politics involved with these decisions and I feel the pain that the dedicated men and women of the Clear Lake area feel. I know that we remained a part of NASA during the slow times as well as the exciting, ground breaking and Historic times. For JSC to be treated as a place not suited for a retired shuttle is unacceptable. The rest of the country followed NASA on the highlight real. We lived the entire game. To the victors go the spoils. The rest of us get the model kit.
And with that the decimation of a legacy.
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