I hope searchers will find this blog during their searches for Foscam cameras. They have a Facebook page but have getting SO MANY NEGATIVE comments & complaints that Foscam has stopped allowing anyone to post on their page.

I had so much trouble with their cameras that I was ready to throw them away & just write of the loss. But my stubbornness prevailed.

FOSCAM tech support might as well not exist. Never answer the phones or email or chat & I MEAN NEVER! I ended up contacting the firm,, in China & got a response every time I emailed. Problem was I write & speak Texan & they are Chinese, but they were helpful. The US firm, is a JOKE. I got so mad that I drove over 200 miles to Houston to their office. I walked right in the door to a room full of cubicles with about 6-8 people sitting in them. No one talking on the phone or typing that I could hear or see.

They were very surprised to see me I think. I handed them a brand new, never installed defective camera & said I want a replacement & a refund for the two 9db antennas they sold me that do not fit outdoor cameras, even though their website says “fits all Foscam Cameras”.

Their was no supervision & I find it hard to believe that not one phone rang the 30 minutes I was there!

I needed to make a “pit stop” (bathroom) before I headed back & they had to pick the lock on the bathroom door since an employee had locked himself in there to have privacy!

The refund was issued promptly & the replacement camera worked fine. But I will never spend another penny on their cameras. Which is a shame since the Chinese have turned out a good product at a good price.

Foscam in Houston is a waste of time & energy, Buy your products from Amazon or another reputable dealer who stands behind the product. The reason I bought From Foscam Houston was the swore that unless you bought from them you would not receive tech support. HA HA, I did buy from them & didn’t get tech support.

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